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Adjustable Outdoor Spotlight – Dual Purpose, Super Bright, Weatherproof, Eco-Friendly, Multicolor

Capture the beauty of your outdoor spaces with this Adjustable Outdoor Spotlight’s super bright light output. It also has a

Crescent Moon Garden Light – Retro, Glass Globe, LED, Weatherproof, Solar-Powered

You don’t need someone to fly you to the moon. You can literally have the moon on a stick with

Flamingo Outdoor Light – Pink, LED, Solar-Powered, Weatherproof, Eco-Friendly, Easy To Install

Grace your garden with pink positive! This Flamingo Outdoor Light is packed with charm and positivity. It has an attractive

Globe Outdoor String Lights – Solar-Powered, Weatherproof, Hanging, Dimmable

Get that cafe feel without leaving the comfort of home with these Globe Outdoor String Lights. These solar-powered globe string

LED Garden Lights – Energy-saving, Solar, Weatherproof, Stainless Steel, Easy Installation, Portable

Spruce up your pathways with these LED Solar Garden Lights. Each LED Garden Light has 8 high-power LED bulbs that

LED Ice Rock Garden Light – Unique, Stylish, Outdoor, Weatherproof, Eco-Friendly, Versatile

Break the ice with this LED Ice Rock Garden Light. It has a very unique design that can definitely have

LED Sunflower Garden Light – Stunning, Realistic, Weatherproof, Solar-Powered, Wireless

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And beautiful is an understatement to describe this stunning LED Sunflower Garden

Mason Jar Outdoor Lantern – Handcrafted, Weatherproof, Eco-Friendly, Wireless, Faceted

Give your outdoor spaces a sweet, quirky atmosphere with this Mason Jar Outdoor Lantern. This handcrafted Mason Jar Lantern is

Outdoor Motion Sensor Wall Light -High-Power, 360 Degrees, Weatherproof, Solar-Powered, Wireless, Practical

When it comes to home security and safety, we all want the highest level of protection possible. This Outdoor Motion

Owl LED Garden Light – Realistic, White, Weatherproof, Solar-powered, Easy to Install

Add life to your garden with this stunning Owl LED Garden Light. Beautifully designed with white color and realistic details

Solar Christmas String Lights – Extra Long, Multicolored, Lighting Modes, Built-In Memory, Weatherproof, Solar

Bring the spirit of joy and nostalgia to your homes with these Solar Christmas Lights. With a length of 42.7

Solar Outdoor Step Light – Wireless, Easy To Install, Night Sensor, Weatherproof, Sleek

Add an element of style and safety with these Solar Outdoor Step Lights. They come in a barely-there design yet bright enough giving your home exteriors a dramatic glow without the annoying wires.